Barn Cats is a Rockford company owned by Randy Mouw that specializes in saving old barns. Much of Michigan’s farmland has given way to new developments, and the structures that once symbolized that state’s rich agricultural history have become unusable eyesores. Restoring the barns is time consuming but the results are worth it: “It’s saving history.”

Randy, a West Michigan native has lived, worked, and played in barns all his life. He restored his first barn in the 1970’s. Since then he has worked on several hundred barns.

Restoring aged barns to their glory days is one of their many specialties. Barn Cats also uses the salvaged material from the barns to build other unique projects such as a rustic cottage complete with a stone fireplace, garages and kids' playhouses. As Randy says "It's good material, I would hate to see it go to waste."

Phone: 616 874-5624 | Email: barncatsllc@gmail.com

9099 11 Mile Road NE, Rockford MI 49341